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Fast Pass -


Learn to drive in a week !

Doesn't that sound good!

A twelve year old joy rider could drive off with your car in a few minutes

but are they safe?

Do you think they could pass the Dsa Test?

Is it better to slowly learn a subject - understand it and have it stay in your brain for the rest of your life?

Or to try and cram it all in during a week's course and hope to remember it all a few days later.

If you want several lessons per week - we will do our best to accommodate you. Block Booking. Remember - driving on today's roads takes experience, this means time and practice!

Think back to when you were at school.

Which subjects did you like? How many Teachers did you like?

I bet that your favourite subject was probably taught by your favourite teacher.


Because you enjoyed the lesson

Whilst the teaching side needs to be fairly strict so that you progress and learn properly, it also needs to be fun so that you relax and enjoy the lessons; that way you tend to remember what you have been taught instead of getting bored and switching off!

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