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Green power

Biodiesel has now become a reality. It can be purchased locally near Greenfields and costs less than the normal mineral diesel. Early claims that it would damage your engine have now been laid to rest after the introduction of EN certification which has been agreed by engine manufacturers.

Other ways to cut your fuel bill

Have your vehicle serviced regularly to be sure the engine is performing at it's optimum level.

Change your style of driving, look further ahead, anticipate and act earlier to potential hazards - remember that every time you brake hard - you waste fuel.

Remove un used roof rack.

Avoid short journeys which do not get engine up to temperature

Only fill up your tank half full - you would be surprised at how heavy that liquid is sloshing about in the tank!

Adjust tyre pressures to manufacturer's recommendations


The Main Environmental Advantage is that Biodiesel is carbon neutral, so using 100% Biodiesel in your vehicle means you are not adding to the global warming crisis.  Biodiesel does not add any carbon because it utilises the amount of carbon which naturally circulates between the atmosphere and the biosphere (photosynthesis).  Conventional fossil diesel however, does add to the overall level of carbon by extracting carbon deposited in the geosphere (mineral deposits) and releasing it into the atmosphere.  Unlike any other available and easily accessible fuel at this time Biodiesel also has the potential of being 100% carbon neutral in its lifecycle too.

Eventually they will supply us with grain alcohol based fuel for petrole engines - Ford have just started funding research into modified petrole engines - it won't be long now - hopefully!

Other issues

There are many other issues relating to Biodiesel such as its strategic value in oil dependence, wars in foreign countries, stimulating jobs in agriculture, improved health due it not being carcinogenic (unlike fossil diesel), and so on, but the main reason for it really is because it is carbon neutral and we are about to kill off some species forever, which is unforgivable. The World Wildlife Fund identified some of the species endangered with extinction as:

Giant Panda, Polar Bear, Indian Tiger, Reindeer, Beluga Whale, Rock hopper Penguin, Snow Finch
Harlequin Frog, Monarch Butterfly, Grizzly Bear.

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