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Turn in the road

three point turnThis used to be called a three point turn!

This maneouvre often catches people out due to poor observation and not dealing with other road users.


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Safe, Legal, Convenient?

First you need to choose a location - on test this will be chosen by the Examiner.

Safe - fairly quiet road, good view in both directions

Legal - not on a one way street!

Convenient - Watch for trees and lamp posts near edge of road

Get ready

Clutch down, select first gear, hand on hand brake, other hand high on steering wheel.

Set gas, find biting point.


Now check three sixty degrees - look through every window of the car so that you have checked all directions and know that it is now safe to proceed.


Drive at slow walking pace - three to five mph maximum.

Beware of acute cambers - they can make big difference to your control

Good smooth clutch control, keep at or near the biting point throughout maneouvre.

Control of gas, do not over rev the engine nor move away with hardly any gas at all!

Avoid turning the steering whilst the car is stationary - Dry Steering. Avoid crossing your hands on steering wheel, use the pull push technique.

Moving off

So you have got yourself prepared, you have checked it is safe.

Drive slowly forward and then steer full lock to the right .

As the car crosses the center line, look up the road, look down the road, checking for traffic.

As the car approaches the opposite curb, start to straighten the steering so that wheels are straight.

Handbrake, select reverse, check three sixty, set gas, find biting point, look through the back window - the direction of travel.

Release hand brake and slowly reverse towards the opposite curb, turning the steering wheel full lock to the left. As you cross the center line, look up the road to your left, look down road to right looking for traffic, and then look over your right shoulder so that you can see the rear wheel as it nears the curb.

Stop before hitting curb, handbrake, neutral, select first gear, check all round, set gas, find biting point, release hand brake, driving slowly forwards and steering to the right to drive off down the road.


Well done - you passed !

Points to remember

Keep it slow, don't let anything panic you into rushing and making mistakes.

Good all round observation throughout the maneouvre

Try not to touch the curbs, avoid dry steering, crossing hands on steering wheel, driving backwards using mirrors.

Dealing with traffic

If any vehicle arrives - that means cars, vans etc, motor bikes and Cyclists.

You must get to the nearest curb and then get eye contact with the other road user, you must wait for them to make a decision. They will either be polite and wait for you to complete the maneouvre, or they will keep driving at you and try to go around you, mount the curb, drive over grass etc. You must wait until you are certain of the other driver's intentions - only then should you proceed!

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