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msaWhat does the MSA do for LEARNER DRIVERS?

The MSA is a driving instructor association for driving schools and is a non-profit making, professional organisation for driving instructors. It is controlled by its members to raise standards of driving tuition for the benefit of learner drivers and all other road users. Support the MSA driving instructor and the MSA supports you with its high standards of expertise.

All driving instructors who are members of the MSA:

are subject to MSA rules and the MSA code of professional conduct.

are advised on all aspects of driver education by the MSA msa


are pledged to maintain the highest standards of instruction using only registered or licensed staff.

meet together to improve their knowledge and standards.

The first and most important thing the MSA can do to help you, a learner driver, is in the task of finding a suitable driving instructor …


It's not easy with so many instructors and schools to choose from, and you know the cheapest doesn't mean the best. So, what does mark out a quality school?

It's too big a decision to take at random, so why not turn to the professionals for help, and make your choice from the members of the Motor Schools Association msa

By choosing an MSA member, you are choosing a school or instructor supporting the MSA's activities, which include: advice with driving test difficulties or complaints.

promoting improved driver education and road safety in general.

training of instructors including specialist and advanced courses.

liaison with the Driving Standards Agency (Dsa - the people who conduct your driving tests) on behalf of all professional instructors and their pupils.

Look for the MSA sign before you make that vital choice. You will find MSA members advertising in Yellow Pages under the MSA Banner.

Look for driving schools showing the msa icon
it's the sign of quality service.

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